Meet the Families of Ash

1550 to 1599 ~ A Sample of the Community of Ash, Surrey

➡️ The following names were found in various historical records such as Ash Muster Rolls, Tax Lists, Court Documents, Land Transactions, Manor Records, Wills, and old books.

➡️ The names were then cross-referenced with the Ash Parish Register to generate this list of Ash families from the 1500’s which gives us a good sample of the main families of Ash Parish.

➡️ The names are listed in alphabetical order by men, with the names of the women they married (if known).

➡️ Frimley was in Ash Parish at this time but Frimley Men will be listed in a separate post.

Bartholomew, John + Margaret Attwick
Bayley, Jerome + Julian Dere
Boylett, George + Joan Pratt
Boylett, John + Bridget Carpenter
Bristow, Robert + Mary Smyth
Bristow, Thomas (sometimes Abristow)
Burrows, Matthew; Burrows, Roger
Chasmore, William
Chewter, John; Chewter, Richard; Chewter, William (sometimes Chuter)
Clifton, John; Clifton, William
Collins, Edward
Cranley, Edward
Dawe, William
Dayer, Gilbert + Ellen Dymes (sometimes Dare/Dear)
Dayer, John + Margaret Warner
Dayer, Thomas + Joan Stonnell
Draper, Thomas
Duckworth, Hugh + Joan Loveland
Dymes, Thomas + Jane Moone
Eade, Henry + Elizabeth Grove (sometimes Ede)
Eade, Stephen + Agnes Moone
Emes, John + Joan Exfold
Eyre, alias Dayer, John + Margaret Marner
Flynt, John; Flynt, Robert
Foster, George
Foster, John + Joan Miles
Gennaway, Henry
Gonner, Robert (sometimes Gunner)
Gonner, William + Elizabeth Dare
Goring, John + Elizabeth (sometimes Goringe)
Goring, Thomas + Bettres Jewer
Grayshote, William + Agnes Wheeler
Grove, John + Joan
Gyles, William
Hamon, Hugh (sometimes Hammond, Human)
Harting, Emeris + Margaret Stocker
Hayle, Edward
Hayward, William + Joan Flynt (sometimes Harwarde)
Heather, William
Hedger, Richard
Imes, William + Constance
Jewer, John (1) + Joan Wexham
Jewer, John (2) + Julian Worsam
King, Michael + Margaret Mabanke
Manory, John; Manory, Robert
Manory, Stephen + Maud
Maybank, Thomas
Mellersh, Solomon
Moone, Eustace + Catherine (sometimes Mone)
Monger, George (sometimes Munger)
Monger, John (1) + Alice Manory
Monger, John (2) + Alice Hedger
Monger, Thomas + Joan Thetcher
Ockley, Henry + Joan Russell
Padick, Oliver + Alice (sometimes Padwyck)
Padick, Thomas + Alice Russell
Parker, Andrew + Annis Marshall
Pullen, Nicholas + Elizabeth Osbourne
Pullen, Thomas + Joan Cant
Purdom, Henry + Joan
Purse, Robert (1) + Margerey May
Purse, Robert (2) + Joan Simons
Remnant, John
Rogers, John
Russell, George + Annis Heather
Russell, John + Alice
Russell, Michael + Joan Monger
Russell, William + Ales Wadman
Shorter, Edmond
Shorter, Richard + Elizabeth Robinson
Smyth, William + Jane Dymes
Smytherst, Thomas + Julian Jake
Stevens, Henry
Stevens, Nicholas + Joan Worsam
Stylman, Walter + Elizabeth Purse
Stoner, John
Stonhill, Stephen (sometimes Stonnell)
Sussey, Richard
Syger, Thomas
Thatcher, John
Thayre, John (sometimes Thayer/There)
Thayre, Richard + Alles Boyer
Thayre, William + Agnes Read
Turner, Gilbert + Elizabeth Shorter
Underwood, Thomas
Wakeford, George + Elizabeth Aslett
Warner, George (sometimes Wariner)
West, Thomas
Westbroke, Thomas
Wheeler, John + Joan
Winter, Thomas + Joan

Some Sample Sources

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Exploring Surrey’s Past
The National Archives at Kew
The Visitations of Surrey 1623
Exploring Surrey’s Past
The National Archives at Kew
Ash Muster Roll from Surrey Records Vol I
Exploring Surrey’s Past

Check out my post on Ash and Frimley Wills to read the Wills of some of the Ash residents listed above.

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