Wills of Ash and Frimley

Last Wills and Testaments ~ Up to 1670

BANWELL, Thomas Frimley Blacksmith1613 will – 4d to mother church, 6s/8d to poor of Frimley; to wife Margaret Banwell £13/13s/8d, best bed, 2 bolsters, 2 pillows, 3 pairs of sheets, 2 blankets, a coverlet & a cow; residue to son James Banwell; overseers friends Stephen Collier & John Gonner of Whitewalls; witnessed by overseers & Humphrey Harris. * Thomas Banwell was buried in Frimley Churchyard 27 October 1613.
BARTHOLOMEW, John (1) Frimley Yeoman1595 Will  – to be buried in churchyard of Ash; to building of Frimley steeple 1s; to repair of Farnborough steeple 10s (which Humphrey Faseby owes me), to poor of Farnborough 10s (which Robert Good owes me); 2s to be spent on burial; to son-in-law William Carpenter of Farnborough & Joan his now wife 10s (which Thomas Reeves owes me), & to their 3 children Cornelius, Joan & Gertrude Carpenter 10s each; to Susan Bartholomew (daughter of Richard) 10s; to Mary & Elizabeth Dawson 10s each; to wife Joan Bartholomew 1s; to grandson John Bartholomew (son of John) all my sheep (except one lamb which goes to Eleanor daughter of Thomas Fielder) plus 10s owed by Nicholas Watts & my furniture & clothes; to son Thomas’s daughter Elizabeth Bartholomew £6/13s/4d at 15 out of money her father owes me; to godchildren 6d each; to William C. my best yearling colt; to godson my bible which I lately bought; sons John & Thomas Bartholomew to be executors; overseers Christopher Abraham & Thomas Cobbett (3s/4d each); witnessed by William Hiller; scribe James Sydwell. * John Bartholomew was buried in Ash Churchyard on 15 January 1596; * Joan Bartholomew was buried in Ash Churchyard on 2 November 1599.
BARTHOLOMEW, John (2) Frimley Yeoman1615 will (died in 1623) – to be buried in Ash churchyard; to Winchester Cathedral 4d, to poor of Farnborough 10s, to poor of Frimley 10s, to poor of Ash 3s/4d; to daughter Elizabeth Cantrill £10 & to her children 10s each; to grandson John Bartholomew £1; grandchildren Margaret & Elizabeth 5s; to wife Rose Bartholomew 10s; servant John Wheeler £1; residue to son John Bartholomew; overseer William Cobbett. * John Bartholomew buried in Ash Churchyard 13 August 1623; * Rose Bartholomew buried in Farnborough Churchyard 22 February 1622/3 (she was from the Sayer family of Farnborough).
BARTHOLOMEW, John (3) Frimley Yeoman1658 Will – to John Walker 10s; to son Henry Bartholomew 5s; to son Henry’s son John Bartholomew 10s; to Nicholas Francis 5s; to Ann Francis 5s; to unnamed wife 10s; to sister Elizabeth Burt 10s and her children 1s each; to my son Richard Bartholomew £200; residue to son John Bartholomew also to be executor; overseers Robert Watts junior of Frimley & William Cobbett; witnessed by Thomas Gonner & William Cobbett. * John Bartholomew was buried in Frimley Churchyard 18 March 1658.
BEARD, Richard Gentleman of Frimley1642 will (died in 1644) – to son Richard Beard lease of Castle Bitham (Lincolnshire) & £100 p.a. after the death of wife Margaret; to sons Thomas & Edward Beard £20 p.a. & John Beard £10 p.a. from incomes from leases of Bitham & property at Finchampstead; I owe my son George Beard £20 p.a.; to son Robert Beard my lease of my houses in Fetter Lane (London) worth £42 p.a.; to my servant Richard Exfold 4s p.a. for life; to daughters Margaret & Frances Beard £200 each at 18 from my parsonage of Aldershot (leased from the master house of St Cross, Winchester; residue to wife Margaret Beard who also to be executrix; overseer friend/kinsman George Smith esquire 3s for a ring; witnessed by John Bartholomew, William Curtis & William Browne. Reference to Aldershot Parsonage suggests that Richard Beard could have been a curate of Aldershot; a ‘Richard Beard of Finchampstead’ graduated from Oxford University in 1618; * ‘Mr. Beard’ was buried at Frimley 2 January 1644; * ‘Miss Margaret Beard’ was buried at Frimley on 4 September 1652; * ‘Mistress Beard’ was buried at Frimley on 15 March 1658.
BENBRICK, Edmond Yeoman of Frimley1593 will – sick; to be buried in Ash churchyard; to poor of Ash, Frimley & Farnborough 5s each; repair of Frimley Chapel and Ash Church 5s each; to brother Raffe Benbrick £10; to 2 unnamed sisters 20s each; to Thomas Benbrick alias Knight (son of Raffe) now living in Dorsetshire £30; to Edmond Benbrick (son of Raffe) £30 & household goods, feather bed, bedstead, biggest brass pot, pewter pots etc; to cousin Mary Harwood £5; to Mary Barber £20; residue to god daughter Anne Hewitt, also to be executrix; overseers Raffe Benbrick, Harmon (?), John Stonell 6s/4d each; witnesses not named.  Edmond Benbrick of Frimley was appointed Keeper of Windsor Forest in 1575; * No burial records for Ash Churchyard for 1593.
BOYLETT Bridgett Widow of Ash1603 will – sick; to be buried in Ash churchyard; long list of household goods to be shared by daughters Agnes Loveland (husband Loveland), Margaret Carpenter (husband Thomas), & Judith Carpenter; wearing apparel to Judith; 10d each to Thomas Chaundler & Elizabeth Carpenter.  Nothing more of the will has survived; * Bridget Boylett buried in Ash Churchyard 20 March 1603.
BOYLETT, George Ash Yeoman1622 will – 10s to poor of Ash; wife Joan Boylett to have ‘half of my household stuff within doors, a horse or mare to ride on & 2 kine’; sons William, Richard, Thomas, & John, & daughters Agnes Boylet, Susan (wife of Richard Heather), & Joan (wife of Henry Ede), & son-in-law John Pratt received money. 4 grandchildren each received a sheep; residue to eldest son George Boylett; overseers Nicholas Stevens & Henry Ede 3s 4d; witnessed by Charles Goldwell & Henry Ede.  Charles Goldwell was Curate of St Michael the Archangel, Aldershot during the 1620’s; previously he had been a master of Farnham Free Grammar School; * George Boylet buried in Ash Churchyard 9 November 1623.
BOYLETT, Joan Widow of Ash1634 will – to be buried in Ash church or the churchyard; 10s to the poor; named son John Pratt & his children, daughter Joan Ede ‘my gold ring, my best red petticoat’ & her children, sons George, Thomas, William Ede (chest & chair) & John Ede, daughter Susan wife of Richard Heather & their 6 children; overseers brother Thomas Street & William Wheeler of Aldershot; witnessed by Richard Stovall & Henry Ede. * Widow of George Boylett above, maiden name Street, previously married to John Pratt; * Joan Boylett was buried in Ash Churchyard 22 August 1634.
BOYLETT, William Ash Yeoman1669 will – sick; to daughter Johan Watts 10s; grandchild Johan Watts 5s; residue to son Joseph Boylett (of Pirbright) & also to be executor; overseers Nicholas Stevens & Thomas Heyman 3s/4d; witnessed by Thomas Heyman & Thomas Ayling.  * William Boylett married Joan Heyman in Ash in 1634; * William Boylett buried in Ash churchyard 11 March 1668/69.
BOYLETT, George of Aldershot1670 will – sick & weak; to be buried in Ash churchyard; to parish church of Aldershot 3s/4d & 10s to poor; to parish church of Ash 3s/4d & 10s to poor; to daughters Anne, Joan, & Elizabeth Boylett 20s each; residue to wife Anne Boylett & to be executrix; witnessed by George Burly, John Finch, & William Parke.  * Married Anne Finch at Farnborough in 1641. * George Boylett was buried in Ash churchyard 29 November 1679.
BOYLETT, Richard Aldershot Yeoman1678 will – sick & weak; to be buried in Ash churchyard; to the child my wife now carries if it a male £40 & all my lands; residue to daughter Johan Boylett; if unborn child is a daughter, then residue to be divided amongst them both; to sister Frances Goddard £5; all goods & chattels to wife Mary Boylett & also to be executrix; witnessed by Thomas Revell (Curate of Ash), William Faggotter, & Mary Boylett. * Richard Boylett of Aldershot buried in Ash Churchyard 20 September 1678; * Mary Boylett of Aldershot buried 5 days later in Ash 25 September 1678.
BRISTOW, Robert of Frimley1576 will – 12d to every god child; 12d to every nephew & niece (unnamed); to servant William Richardson certain articles of leather clothing & same to Thomas Pullen & John Courtness the Elder; to wife Mary Bristow all moveable goods, all kine & other clothing; to daughter Mary Bristow properties in Frimley, if no heirs then to son Robert, and then to Thomas, son of brother Harry Bristow; to son Robert Bristow & daughter Jane Bristow specific heifers; residue to daughter Mary Bristow, also to be executrix; overseers brother-in-law John Fuller, brother Harry Bristow, George Osbourne & John More 3s/4d; witnessed by Steven Collier, Richard Compton, & John Turner. * Robert Bristow buried in Ash Churchyard 19 November 1576.
CANTRILL, Elizabeth Widow of John Cantrill above 1653 will – to my son John 12d; one third share each of all my estate to sons Richard Cantrill (wife Ann) & William Cantrill (wife Susan) & to daughter Jane Adams (Arthur); executrix Jane Addams; overseers Bennett Adams & Samuel Cantrill; witnessed by Ralph Batting & Hugh Mason.  * Daughter of John Bartholomew (2) above & named in his will;  * Burial record not found.
CANTRILL, John Frimley Potter1651 will – to poor of Frimley 20s; to son John £60 & bed in chamber over the parlour; 12d to sons William & Richard & daughter Jane Addams; residue to wife Elizabeth & to executrix; overseers friends Richard Gates of Westwood & Thomas Watts of Frimley; witnessed by William Browne & John Ede. * John Cantrill was buried in Frimley Churchyard 17 September 1651.
COOKE, Thomas Gentleman of Ash1653 will – sick; to be buried in a decent manner; to poor of Ash 20s; to parish church of Ash 20s; to Arthur Squibb gentleman £20; to Robert Simon of Aldershot 20s; various amounts to people including servants Faith Dollen & Elizabeth Googe 40s each; residue to wife’s brothers’ sons John Edram & Thomas Munger of Ash; overseers George Bicknall & Thomas Burle 5s each & witnessed by same. * Thomas Cooke married Jane Munger at Ash in 1607; no surviving children; * ‘Mr Thomas Cooke gent’ buried in Ash Churchyard 8 June 1653.
COWPER, Anthony Frimley Yeoman1596 will – to be buried in chancel of Ash; to the curate of Ash 13s/4d; to repair of Frimley church 1s; to poor of Frimley 1s; to poor of Ash 10s; to son Walter Cowper all my freehold land including Bristow Farm, Frimley; to daughter Elizabeth Cowper £80 at marriage (which Mr. Stile owes me); to daughter Edith Cowper £100 at her marriage; to Owen, John, Susan, Ann, Francis and Dorothy Bray 6 ewe sheep each; to servants: Owen Hodson 4 ewe sheep, Gillian 5s, William South 5s, Mathew 5s, Margaret Bedle 5s; to godchildren 3s/4d each; wife Susan Cowper & son Walter Cowper to be executors; overseers Mr. Rudyard, Mr. Philip Champion of Guildford, Harry Bristow of Pirbright (1s each); witnessed by James & John Rudyard, Richard Gates & Richard Bristow; will contained a long tally of at least 10 people who owed Anthony Cowper money with amounts due as well as people to whom he was indebted; administration granted to Thomas Ward, notary public, proxy for Walter & Susan Cowper who renounced their right to execute will. * Anthony Cowper buried in Ash Churchyard 30 January 1596.
EDE, Henry Ash Yeoman1654 will – to be buried in Ash churchyard; 20s to the poor of Ash; property in Ash called Asham’s & Filbourd’s plus Bagshot lands; named wife Joan Ede, daughter Joan, grandchildren John, Henry, Edward, William, & Joan Stephens, servants John Loveland & John Draper, residue to grandson Nicholas Stephens; overseers son-in-law Richard Symons of Horsell & son-in-law Henry Stephens. * Brother of above; married Joan Boylett in 1604; * Henry Ede was buried in Ash Churchyard 22 August 1654.
EDE, William Servant of Ash1642 will – servant of Henry Ede; to sister Elizabeth Boylett (wife of George Boylett Sen) £5, to her daughter Elizabeth a brass pot & Mary a pen; residue to brother Henry Ede & sister Jane Long. * William Ede, son of Henry, baptised 1590; Elizabeth Ede married George Boylett in 1611; *William Ede buried in Ash Churchyard 19 December 1643.
EYRE, John alias Dayer the Elder Ash Yeoman1582 will – to be buried in Ash churchyard; 12d to poor of Ash; to daughter Dorothy 40s, feather bed & bedstead, brass pots & pewter platters plus other household items; to wife Margaret all the items she brought to the marriage & to keep her chamber in the house if she remains a widow; to nieces Agnes and Mary Dayer daughters of deceased brother Henry of Elstead 60s each; to nephew Robert Dayer £40; to son Gilbert Dayer 40s; to youngest son John Eyre alias Dayer property called ‘William’s’ in Worplesdon, ‘Dawe’s’ land in Ash; residue to John Eyre alias Dayer. Rest of will missing.  * John Dayer and Margaret Marner married in Ash Church in 1569; * John Dayer buried in Ash Churchyard 12 Apr 1582.
FIFIELD, Richard Frimley Gentleman1677 will – Per court roll of 3 Jul 1676 by Joyce widow of Richard Ryves, knight I can dispose of a copyhold estate by will, it to my grandson James Smith at 21 all my freehold messuage Sellands or The Hart’s Horn in Yateley in the manor of Hall Place; to my granddaughters Ann and Honour Smith 400 each at 18 or marriage with remainder to my daughter Ann Smith; kinsman and cousin Thomas F. of Oxford and Timothy Redman of Christ Church Oxford, overseers (10 each); residue to son in law Walter Smith of Frimley, gentleman, exec. Witnesses: Mordant Snealocke; Samuel Allen; Jonathan Penyfather Proved: 2 December 1677 to exec.
FRYDAY, Edward Frimley Husbandman1544 will – to be buried in Ash churchyard; to mother church of Winchester: 2d. ‘My best sheet to be the covering of the sepulchre at Frimley & a diaper towel to serve for Easter’; named sister Cicely wife of John Stable of London, godchildren Edward Held (a white Hereford, my best candlestick, & wooded land at Egham), Alice & John Gelyffe (furniture), & Richard Turner (a calf), Edward Smale (1 ewe), Servant Alice Hunt. Overseer: John Fryday of Walton on Thames.  *No burial record as Ash Churchyard’s Register begins in 1549.
GATES, Richard Frimley Husbandman  1616 will – (noncup) weak; to be buried in Frimley churchyard; sons – Richard 3s 4d, youngest son (now living) Francis 3s 4d, daughters Mercy £5 at 18, Jane £5 at 18, youngest daughter (now living) Elizabeth £5 at 18; to child my wife carries £5 at age 18; residue to wife Edith; overseers John Stonehill & Absalom Knight; witnessed by overseers plus John Gonner, John Cantrill & Richard Gates; administration given to Richard Gates senior as executrix (Edith) had died. * Richard Gates buried at Frimley 28 December 1616; * John Gates (age 4) buried at Frimley 4 January 1617; * John Gates (unborn child in will) baptised at Frimley 5 January 1617 and given deceased brother’s name; * Edith Gates buried at Frimley 19 February 1617, leaving the children orphans to be raised by grandparents.
GONNER, Henry Frimley Husbandman1638 will – very sick; to be buried in Frimley churchyard; to brothers – Richard a cupboard in hall, George £5, John 2s, Robert £1, Humphrey; sister Elizabeth my great chest & contents; witnessed by William Browne & William Marten; administration to Rowland Jennings clerk, proxy for Humphrey Gonner executor.  * Rowland Jennings was Curate of Saint Gregory by Saint Paul’s in the City of London; * Henry Gonner was buried in Frimley Churchyard 21 September 1638.
GONNER, John Frimley Yeoman1592 will – bachelor; to be buried in Ash churchyard; 6s/8d to poor of Frimley, 3s/4d to poor of Farnham, 10s to Frimley Chapel; to brother Thomas 10 ewes, 8 lambs & 2 old doublets; to brothers Richard & Harry £10 & sheep each plus clothes (new doublet & hat to Harry); to mother Agnes a cow that is with Robert Jelley of Farnborough plus residue of estate; overseer Robert Gonner; witnessed by John Bartholomew & John Thaire; will written by Richard Lloyd.  *No burial record exists as 1592 was during a gap in entries.
GONNER, John Frimley Husbandman1605 will – of Sturt Lane End; noncup; named son William & his 4 children; wife Agnes; William & John Gonner, children of Richard; witnessed by John Turner, Richard Gates & John Harding.  * No burial records for Ash Churchyard in 1605
GONNER, John Frimley Yeoman1638 will – to be buried in Frimley churchyard, to Frimley Chapel 10s, to Frimley poor 10s; to son George Gonner £40, to daughter Elizabeth £45 & the chest of linen that was her mother’s, plus featherbed and coverings, to sons John, Humphrey & Richard £10 each, to grandsons 5s each, to godsons 12d each; residue to son Henry Gonner (also to be executor); overseers brothers-in-law Richard Dallen & Richard Parkes, & friend John Larraway; witnessed by Robert Feild (Frimley Minister), & Robert Gonner. * John Gonner was buried in Frimley Churchyard 24 August 1638.
GONNER, Richard Frimley Miller1600 will – cottage called Buckherst with a malt quern & oast in south end of Frimley to eldest son George; brother William Gonner to have care of land maintaining millstones, fences etc, & 4 children including second son William; overseers Robert Watts & Robert Gonner; witnessed by Francis Wright & John Gonner. * Richard Gonner buried in Ash Churchyard 10 January 1600.
GONNER, Robert Frimley Potter1637 will – to be buried in Frimley church; to Frimley poor 10s; to brother Richard 2s/6d for a pair of gloves, to sister Alice my small brass kettle, to sister Susan my small brass pot, to brother John my big brass kettle, residue of goods & chattels to Uncle Thomas Watts & trusty friend John Cox, also to be executors, 5s each; residue of estate one half to brother John and one half between sisters Alice & Susan; witnessed by Robert Feild (Frimley Minister), John Watts & Robert Gonner. * Robert Gonner was buried in Frimley Churchyard 22 July 1637.
GONNER, Thomas Frimley Yeoman1586 will – sick; to be buried in Ash churchyard; 2 bushels of corn to poor; to wife Agnes £20 & room, meat, drink etc. in her widowhood; sons – John £15, Richard £15 & a red cow with white face, Harry £15; to daughter Alice Watts a cow, 3 ewes, 3 tegs & £1/13s/4d; various bequests to Richard Russell, Catherine Gale & godchildren; residue to son Thomas; overseers Robert Gonner senior & Thomas Thayre 6s/8d; witnessed by Robert Gonner junior, John Bartholomew, William Gonner & William Johns. * No burial record exists as 1586 was during a gap in entries.
GORING, Elizabeth of Ash1550 will: 2nd wife of John Goring who was uncle of Hugh below; named 5 children of John Goring, & her own children Thomas Stevens & Alice Carter (husband Ralph); overseer John Thayre, witnessed by George Stoughton (Ash Minister), Richard & John Thayre. * Elizabeth was wife of an unknown Stevens then John Goring; * Elizabeth Goring buried in Ash Churchyard 26 February 1550 * John ‘Gorynge’ was buried in Ash Churchyard 25 November 1551.
GORING, Hugh of Ash1618 will: to wife Jane – £10 & debts owed to him in Farnham, various amounts & items to sons Thomas (lease in Wrecclesham), Robert (£10 if he came back to ask for it within 7 years), John, & Hugh, daughter Joan plus many grandchildren; to Catherine ‘the child I keep’ £2; to Richard Cobbett 5s for writing various items for me; overseers Nicholas Stevens, Henry Lee & John Wapshott 1s; witnessed by Henry Ede & John Monger; scribe Richard Cobbett. * Hugh Goring buried in Ash Churchyard 14 November 1618.
GREYSHOTE, Agnes Widow of Ash1582 will – sick; to be buried in Ash Churchyard; to poor of Ash 2s; to nephew Philip Wheeler my best red cow, a brass pot & hive of bees; to 4 other Wheeler nephews my little cows to be divided among them; to nieces Agnes & Elizabeth Wheeler a hive of bees and platters; money to godchildren; to Ellen Stone, my maid a red cow & coffer at the foot of my bed, residue of estate & to be executrix; overseers brother Henry Wheeler & John Juer; witnessed by overseers & John Wilkington;  * Name on will was Agnes Grayciott; * Most unusual to name a maid as executrix but this fact is confirmed in probate record which granted administration to Ellen Stone ‘puella’ which is Latin for ‘maid’; * Agnes Greyshote buried in Ash Churchyard 27 February 1582/3.
GROVE, Joan Widow of Ash1598 will – sick; to be buried in Ash Churchyard; daughter Elizabeth Ede; named Ede grandchildren: Catherine, William, John, William; residue to daughter Elizabeth Ede; Overseers Henry Dare & William Gregory 10s; witnessed by Matthew Gulston, Minister of Ash. * Burial record not found
HELDE Richard Frimley Husbandman1557 will – sick, to be buried in churchyard; daughter Alice a 2 years-old cow & a heifer plus all my freehold land in Frimley; to wife Christian for 12 years a mead called Comy’s then to sons John & Richard; to brother Edward Helde reasonable cartloads of hay every 12 years from my Frimley meadows; residue to wife Christian; overseers Richard Thayre & John Cutmere; witnessed by William Jelley, John Thayre & Robert Gonner. * No burial record exists as 1557 was in the gap of entries in the reign of Mary I.
HELDE Richard Frimley Husbandman1557 will – sick, to be buried in Ash churchyard; daughter Alice a 2 years-old cow & a heifer plus all my freehold land in Frimley; to wife Christian for 12 years a mead called Comy’s then to sons John & Richard; to brother Edward Helde reasonable cartloads of hay every 12 years from my Frimley meadows; residue to wife Christian; overseers Richard Thayre & John Cutmere; witnessed by William Jelley, John Thayre & Robert Gonner. * No burial record exists as 1557 was in the gap of entries in the reign of Mary I.
HEYWARD, Thomas  1649 will – noncup; to poor of Ash 10s; to be buried at Ash; to wife and child of William Chandler 5s each; residue to Uncle Henry Weller. * Servant of William Chandler of More House, Farnham
JEWER, Henry Husbandman of Normandy1650 will – to be buried in Ash churchyard; to poor of Ash 40s & poor of Normandy 40s; my house & land in Ash to kinsman Edmond Jewer after my wife’s death & £30; to Edmond Jewer’s son Henry £30 & George £10 with £5 to George’s children; other bequests to kinsmen’s children; to Thomas Finch £5 for his former kindness; residue to wife Joan & to be executrix; overseer & witness John Baker of Pirbright. * Henry Jewer buried in Ash Churchyard 14 December 1650.
JEWER, Joan Widow of Ash1652 will – late wife of Henry Jewer & very aged; to be buried in Ash churchyard next to my late husband; to kin William & John Worth of Thursley £15 each, Christian Russell 20s & £5 each to her 3 daughters, to George Jewer of Chobham 20s; residue to kinsman Edmond Jewer; witnessed by John Baker, Anthony Ede, David Woodroffe, Thomas Hewitt, & George Billingshurst; administration granted to Edmond Jewer. * Joan Jewer was buried in Ash Churchyard on 7 February 1651/2.
KNIGHT, Robert Frimley Yeoman1656 will – to poor of Frimley 5s; to son James £10, daughter Jane Street £11, sons Robert & Absalom 12d each, daughters Mary Browne (William) & Elizabeth Attwith (John) 12d each; to wife Elizabeth feather bed, bolster, pillows, sheets, blankets, chest and so on; overseers Robert Watts of Bowling Green & Robert Hatton of Frimley; witnessed by Laurence & Robert Watts.  * Robert was the son of Absalom Knight mentioned previously; * Robert Knight was buried in Frimley Churchyard 1 March 1656.
LOVELAND, Thomas of Ash1570 will – sick; to be buried in Ash churchyard; to any poor who may assemble at burial 5d; to wife Joan all leases and indentures with the exception of the lease on house at Pirbright which is for my son George (to own after death of wife); to son William a heifer & 3 sheep; all corn (sown and unsown) to divided into 2 halves, wife Joan to have 1 half, remainder to be divided between undernamed children but if Joan remarries then her half to be shared among the children: George, Henry, Stephen & Elizabeth Loveland; goods and chattels to shared between his wife and children similarly; executors wife Joan & son George. * Thomas Loveland was buried in Ash Churchyard 6 April 1570.
MANORY, Stephen Ash Husbandman1558 will – sick; to be buried in Ash churchyard; covenant exists between me & my brother John Manory to pay £2/4s/4d each to sons Thomas & Stephen & daughter Joan; to Thomas & Steven a ewe teg each; daughter Joan to have my mother’s great brass pot as security before her marriage; residue to wife, Maud; overseers Stephen Foster & John Manory 4d; witnessed by Thomas Loveland & John Plonker. * Joan Manory born 1551, Thomas 1554;  * No burial record exists as 1558 in the gap in entries during reign of Mary I.
MICHENER, Michael Ash Husbandman1631 will – sick; to be buried in Ash Churchyard; beer & bread at funeral 2s; to poor of Normandy 3s/4d; wife Sarah £5; brother Henry’s 2 children 10s; brother Robert’s 2 children £2; various sums to Lickfold family, widow Math & children Joan, Blase & Ellen, Henry Jewer & wife, Robert Purse & wife, George Clifton of Worplesdon; overseers and witnesses Henry Jewer & Robert Purse. * Mary Lickfold of Seale married Robert Michener in Seale in 1583; * Michael Michener buried in Ash Churchyard 7 June 1631.
MONGER, Alice Widow of John Monger above1558 will – to be buried in Ash churchyard, 2d to mother church; residue to son Thomas Monger; witnessed by Thomas Witched, Clerk, & Stephen Monger.  * No burial record exists as 1558 was in the gap in entries during reign of Mary I.
MONGER, George Ash Wood Broker1613 will – to be buried in Ash churchyard, to Ash church 10s & poor of Ash 10s; to children of late brother John 10s each; to son-in-law Thomas Cooke & daughter Jane 10s each; to nephew Edward Watts 10s;  money to daughter Alice & son Roger; £110 & various Ash lands to eldest son George at 21; residue to wife Annis also to be executrix; overseers & guardians of children John Baker (Pirbright), Thomas Shorter (Worplesdon), & Henry Ede (Ash); witnessed by William & John Frencham, & George Munger.  George Monger’s son George was convicted of murder at the Surrey Assizes in 1631 and the property which he inherited from his father in this will was forfeited to Winchester College, Lords of the Manor of Ash. * George Monger buried in Ash Churchyard 11 May 1613.
MONGER, Joan Widow of Ash1598 will – bequests to sons John & Henry, daughter Joan Monger, and grandson, Thomas Monger; witnessed by Thomas Thayre & Hugh Hammond; executorHenry Monger. * Joan Monger buried in Ash Churchyard 10 December 1598.
MONGER, John Ash Yeoman1551 will – after the death of mother, son John to get 2 Ash leasehold properties; sons John, Matthew, Robert, & Stephen: a cow, £1, a bow, a platter & porringer, a carpet of best sort; to William Perry of Basingstoke 10s for 6 days hire of his horse; to John Manory a forest bill & 1s; to Robert Purse a wood knife & 1s; residue to wife Alice; overseers John Manory & John Purse; witnesses Robert Over & John Cheffe.  * John Monger buried in Ash Churchyard 14 August 1551.
MONGER, John Ash Potter1605 will – named sons Thomas, Philip, John, & James, & daughters Elizabeth, Mary, & Annis, and wife Joan; overseers brother George Monger & John Dymes. * John Monger buried in Ash Churchyard 28 March 1605
NEWBERRY, John of Frimley1659 will – noncup: Asked by his brother in law Andrew Patience and William Porter whether all to his wife Elizabeth Newberry; Elizabeth asked whether he would give his sister Elizabeth something he said no; Witnesses: Richard Patience (X); Mary wife of John Thaire (X); Andrew Patience; William Porter; John Randall (X) Proved: 20 March 1659/60 to John Clarke, exec. of Elizabeth, widow and relict, dying before taking on administration
NEWBERRY, Elizabeth of Frimley1659 will – To Margaret wife of John Clarke 5; to Richard Patience 5; to Mary Patience 5; to Robert Winckworth 1 10s and to his children 2; to widow Patience 5 and to her children 5 each at 21; to Oliver Hide 1; to William Hide 1; to Elizabeth Hide 1; to Zachary Patience 1 and to his brother John Patience 1; to William Porter 14 and to his wife Margaret 10s; to Elizabeth Patience her sister 10s; to Thomas Newberry 1; to Robert Newberry 1; to Mary, Margaret, Ann and Elizabeth Newberry 10s each; to Arthur Watts 5s; to Joseph Holt 2s; to Andrew Streete 3s; to Bernard Maverly 3s (my godchildren); to William Porter’s 2 children 10s each; six pairs of gloves to William Patience, Mrs Cocker her kinswoman, Jane Patience, my sister Clarke and John Style; residue to John Clarke, exec.; overseers Robert Watts and William Cobbet of Frimley Witnesses: William Cobbett; Robert Watts; John Stoffell Proved: 20 March 1659/60 to exec.
PATIENCE, Richard of Frimley1649 will – sick; to be buried in Frimley Chapel churchyard; to son Richard £40 at 24, & to daughters Mary & Jane £20 at 22, wife to have use of money until then; residue to wife Joan, also to be executrix; overseers brother Andrew Patience & brother-in-law John Mowbray; witnessed by John Brewster, Minister of Frimley. * Children were all under the age of 5;  ‘if, in these troublesome times my estate should be wasted by soldiers or any other outrageous incident, then my children and wife to share the loss’ referring to ongoing English Civil War; * Richard Patience was buried in Frimley Churchyard 23 October 1649.
PAYNE, John of Hamlet of Flexford, Normandy tithing, parish of Ash1625 will – to daughter Elizabeth Hayward £1/10s plus a featherbed & to her husband Thomas 3s/4d; to daughter Jane Baker £5 plus £4 in goods & to be executrix & to her husband William 10s & great brass pot & cupboard; cousin Henry Remnant 3s; mother a gown; overseers John Baker & Thomas Chewter 3s/4d each; witnessed by John Brewster (Minister), John Stratton, John Baker & Thomas Chewter. * Thomas Hayward married Elizabeth Baker (widow) in Ash in 1614; * Ash Churchyard burial records missing for 1625.
PRATT, John Husbandman of Ash1656 Will – to be buried in Ash churchyard; 4s to poor of Ash; to son John all the estate as long as he pays his mother Mary £6 yearly; sons Henry £5, Nicholas £30, Thomas £15, & daughter Elizabeth £50; son John and wife to be executors; overseers friends George Young & Robert Draper; witnessed by Edward & John Rabnett & Robert Corfe of Headley. * John Pratt married Mary Draper in 1620; * John Pratt buried in Ash Churchyard 3 June 1656.
PURSE, Henry1604 will – to be buried in Worplesdon Churchyard; poor of Ash 10s; to children of Thomas Christmas of Guildford 10s each; to brother Robert’s children, either of them 1 ewe sheep; to maid servant and boy 1 sheep each; to Joan daughter of Thomas Purse a red heifer and 2 ewes; to godchildren 10d each; to brother Vincent Purse 2 ewes; to brothers-in-law Thomas and Harry Loveland a sheep each; also to Harry Loveland half of my timber and stuff ready sawed to be sold with half of the money to go to wife and rest to pay debts and expenses; Robert Kinge’s 3 children a sheep each; to wife Dorothie, house and lands in Ash for life & if she be not with child then the same to heirs of brother Walter Purse for life & for the want of such to heirs of brother Vincent Purse, then brother Robert Purse; hive of bees to sister Amy; overseers: friends Harry Ripley, George Clifton & Christopher Hayward; witnessed by George Clifton, Thomas Blunte, Christopher Hayward & Thomas Loveland; executor: wife Dorothy. * Neither Henry and Walter Purse left heirs so Ash property descended to nephew Vincent Purse; * Henry Purse buried in Worplesdon Churchyard 24 February 1604.
PURSE, Robert the Elder Ash Freeholder1600 will – overseers to sell goods & chattels within 21 days of death & pay debts: George Clifton £3, John Butt 11s, Thomas Smyther £5 (all of Worplesdon), Robert Russell of Pirbright 10s, Harry Jewer of Ash 5s; to youngest son Thomas £5, to 2 unnamed daughters lease of King’s Inhams; residue to wife Joan; overseers Robert Manory & brother Thomas Purse; witnessed by John Butt & Richard Slater. * Robert Purse buried in Ash Churchyard 3 Dec 1599.
PURSE, Robert, the Elder Ash Husbandman1599 will – lease of King’s Inham’s (Cleygate Manor) to go to 2 unnamed daughters; goods & chattels to be sold within 21 days of death and paid to George Clifton, Thomas Smithers, John Butt (all of Worplesdon), Robert Russell (Pirbright), Harry Jewer (Ash) & Mr. Heydon; named Thomas (youngest son), residue to wife Joan; overseers Robert Manory & brother Thomas Purse; witnessed by John Butt & Richard Slater. * Robert Purse buried in Ash Churchyard 3 December 1599.
RUSSELL, Alice Widow of Ash1609 will – weak; to poor 1s; to son Michael featherbed, bolster & a bullock, son Robert a red bullock, to daughter Catherine bedstead & coverings, a cow, kettle & a brass pot, daughter Mary 5s; to cousin Joan Upfold a brass pot, cousin Richard Russell a form, cousins Elizabeth & Mary Ockley clothes; residue Michael Russell. Overseers Nicholas Stevens & William Smythe 1s each. * Alice Russell buried in Ash Churchyard 13 February 1609/10.
RUSSELL, Bernard Ash Husbandman1559 will – to son Richard for his labour, my house & ground called Clerke’s sometimes called Kempe’s, £2, 4 wethers, 2 ewes, a folding table & to pay Thomas Cockes the beer brewer for 5 barrels of beer; to my son-in-law Thomas Page the corn at Clerke’s alias Kempe’s this year & my best coat; to John Gonner a coat; to Richard Chandler my best gown; to Robert Pullen a coat & leather doublet; overseers – George Stoughton Parson of Ash (3s/4d), RC 6s/8d for his pains in making a coffin for me; witnesses George Stoughton (Ash Minister), Richard Chandler, John Cowper & John Dennis. * Bernard Russell buried in Ash Churchyard 28 January 1560/61.
RUSSELL, John Ash Yeoman1569 will – sick; to be buried in Ash churchyard; for the relief of the poor of Ash 3s/4d; properties called Hannyck alias Bartholomew’s Crofts (Ash) & Ash Bridge Mead (Aldershot) to wife Alice for life or remarriage & to have property leased from Winchester College, all corn in ground, 40 sheep, best little cart etc; wife to pay daughters Joan & Mary £20 at marriage; son Michael house & land at Hannyck after death or remarriage of wife; son Stephen £40 at 26, 11 sheep, a little black mare, house and land I live in after wife’s death; son William £40 at 26, sister Rose Harding 2 sheep; residue to son George Russell & to be executor; overseers Thomas Dayer & John Jewer 6s; witnessed by Thomas Thayre, John Jewer, & William Mansell; written by Robert Worsley. * John Russell’s will is five pages long & contains more details than contained in this summary; * John Russell buried in Ash Churchyard 10 February 1569/70.
RUSSELL, Michael of Ash1621 will – sick; to be buried in Ash churchyard; to Ash Church 12d; to poor of Ash 12d; to daughter Katherine my best coverlet; to son Michael, best feather bed, pillows, bolsters, bedstead & to daughter Katherine best coverlet; to wife Joan annuity of 20s plus land called Bartholomew’s Crofts for 5 years & to pay daughter Katherine £20 over 5 years out of income from property & to pay her father Laurence Disoe(?) £8 over 3 years; to son Michael, Ashbridge Mead & (after 5 years) Bartholomew’s Crofts for life, then to grandson Robert Russell & if he has no male heirs then to grandson John Russell (entailed); executrix wife Joan; overseers Richard Russell & Thomas Monger 12d each; witnessed by overseers, plus John Dare; codicil written & signed by Richard Cobbett. *  Son of John Russell & nephew of Alice Russell above; * Michael Russell buried in Ash Churchyard 30 June 1620.
RUSSELL, Richard Ash Yeoman1635 will – to be buried in Ash churchyard; to church 2s/6d, to poor 3s/4d; to wife Elizabeth £8 p.a., half the fruit from orchard & chamber over hall in my house in her widowhood; to daughter Margaret Martin £5 & son-in-law James Martin 5s, to daughter Strudwick £5 & her children Richard, Henry & Margaret 5s each; all my property in Ash to daughter Joan Russell; residue to wife Elizabeth; overseers Henry Ede of Ash & cousin John Searle of Farnham 3s/4d; witnessed by Richard Watts & Henry Stevens. * Joan Russell, daughter of Richard Russell was buried in Ash Churchyard 17 November 1635 but no record for Richard Russell.
RUSSELL, Robert Ash Husbandman1558 will – sick; to be buried in Ash churchyard; to Thomas Turner my best coat & hose, hogs, old bay horse, to live in my house & 2 meadows until Michaelmas 1559 & to Thomas Turner’s daughter Isabel, broken horned cow & to Turner’s wife 3 pairs of sheets & 6 best barrels; to Agnes Hill pair sheets & best pan; to Alice Norwood wife’s clothes, sheets & a pan; rest of goods to 2 unnamed Harding children; to William Harding (son of Richard & Rose) £12 (which Mercy Brabourne owes me), 2 kine & 2 heifers & residue of estate including leases on Gillgole’s & Sawyer’s; overseers John Boylett & Richard Harding 6s/8d each; witnessed by John Boylett, John Westbrook, Thomas Turner & Thomas Sabb.  * No burial record exists as 1558 was during the gap in entries in reign of Mary I.
SHORTER, Richard Ash Husbandman  May 1550 will – sick; to poor of Ash 4d; to John Gonner & Richard Shorter a sheep; to wife Alice half of my land in Frimley with son John, all to him after her death; to daughters Catherine, Alice, & Joan £1 each, Mary Wyse a sheep & a lamb; residue to wife & son John; overseers Thomas Bristow & Robert Young 3s/4d; witnesses John Sylvester, Thomas Abristow, & Robert Young. * Richard Shorter buried in Ash Churchyard 9 May 1550.
SMITH, Oliver Musician1634 will – to the poor of the parish in which I shall die 20s & to the (bell) ringers 50s after my burial; to kinsman Stephen Jennance 2 cottages & land in Frensham (4 acres) & he to pay wife Agnes 4s p.a.; to wife Agnes house called Brookes at Yateley for life & then to Stephen Jennance, as well household goods, wearing apparel & 10s to wife; to Nicholas & Robert Jennance 20s each; god daughter Anne Jennance £20; to godchildren & wife’s children 2s/4d each; overseers Robert Jennance the Elder & William Danter of Frensham 10s each; witnessed by John Smallpiece & John Lange; executor Stephen Jennance.  * Stephen Jennance married Elizabeth Henman at Ash in 1635;  * Agnes Smith buried at Ash in 1634 * No burial record found for Oliver Smith
SQUIB, Arthur Esq. Gentleman of Henley Park1650 will – to poor of Ash (blank); to wife Joan a chamber at Henley Park plus chattels including (walnut tree bedstead brought from London plus curtains & vallances of red & crimson taffeta, down bed, bolster, Holland sheets, woollen blankets plus many other items); a little slope bed for her maid with bedding; to son Arthur lands in Stalbridge, Dorset & to pay his brother William £20 p.a. for life; to son Stephen property called Martins in Normandy tithing, to daughter-in-law Mary Squib £5 p.a. to be paid out of Henley Park revenue; to daughter Mary Bodarda (Griffith) house in Westminster which is to be sold, husband to take marriage portion out of sale, rest to any child Mary may have; to daughter Elizabeth Lister (William) house in Blackfriars which is to be sold, husband to take marriage portion out of sale, rest to executors; mentions widow of brother Stephen Squib; rest of goods & chattels to be sold to pay debts, legacies & funeral expenses; if any surplus then executors to have £5 each, after which to wife; to servants Thomas Stacy & Elizabeth Coxhead (blank); witnessed by George Farrell, Thomas Stacy & William Phillip; executors sons-in-law John Glynne, William Lister & Griffith Bodarda plus John Crathorne. * ‘Arthur Squib Esq.’ was buried in Ash Churchyard on 27 May 1650; * ‘Mistress Joan Squib’ widow was buried in Ash Churchyard on 25 February 1652; born Joan Seymour of Dorset;
STEVENS, Henry Ash Yeoman1604 will – to Ash church 3s, to Ash poor 6s; wife Joan £20 p.a. & use of house for life; son John £60 on expiration of apprenticeship; sons Edward & Jasper £20; son Robert £70; daughter Elizabeth Attreed (wife of Thomas) £20 & children John, Edward & Joan 20s each; daughter Catherine Tomelin (wife of Ellis) £20 & 4 children 20s each; daughter Eleanor Rainger (wife of William) £20 & daughter Anne 20s; bequests to servants; disposition of his bees; residue & to be executor son Nicholas; overseers friends Thomas Manory & Nicholas Harding; witness names missing. * Henry Stevens buried in Ash Churchyard 14 March 1603; * Henry’s wife Joan and son-in-law Ellis Tomelin of Alton buried in Ash Churchyard on the same day 20 March 1603, just 6 days afte Henry.
STEVENS, Nicholas Ash Yeoman1624 will – sick; 6s to Ash church, £1 to Ash poor; to son Thomas property called Asham’s Ling, house which was my mother’s, 2 kine & 6 sheep; daughter Eleanor land at Pirbright called Trit’s & £70; daughter Mary land at Seale & £60; son Nicholas house & land called Sewer’s also Thetcher’s House, & Forthing; grandson Nicholas house & land at East Hampstead; daughters Joan & Mercy £100 at marriage or 21 to be paid by son Henry; son Edward a colt, a cow, 6 sheep; various other bequests including to brothers Edward & John, a heifer to servant Toby Chandler; residue to wife Joan Stevens; overseers brother-in-law John Locke, George Clifton, brother Henry Stevens 10s; witnessed by overseers & John Loveland. * Nicholas Stevens buried in Ash Churchyard 31 May 1624.
STEVENS, Thomas of Ash1641 Memorandum in lieu of will – Thomas was sick & died before he could make a will;intent was to leave £100 to daughter Joan & to daughter Mary all that was his without doors to the value of £100; executors his brothers Henry & Nicholas Stevens; witnessed by George Clifton, George Bicknold, Henry Loveland, Joan Clifton & George Clifton; administration granted to Thomas’s brothers. * Thomas Stevens buried in Ash Churchyard on 8 May 1641.
STONEHAM, Richard Ash Yeoman1604 will – sick; to wife Elizabeth lease I hold of the heirs of William Sherrett, all cattle, corn & household stuff; to sons Richard & William £50 each; overseers to let my farm in Sheet, Hampshire (owned by Magdalen College, Oxford) with £10 from this rent to wife to educate my children; to sister’s children Richard Bromham £1/10s, Alice Bromham £2 at marriage; overseers to try to renew lease for son Richard at 21; remainder to son William to be apprenticed at 14 or 15; overseers Richard Amy & Robert Manory; witnessed by James Hobson, Richard Collwell & Thomas Cooke. * Burial record not found.
STONEHILL, Joseph Frimley Yeoman1647 will – sick, to be buried in Frimley Churchyard near son Joseph; 10s to poor & 10s to Frimley Chapel; wife Joan funds to bring up son John who gets £100 when 21; 1s each to children of brother John Stonehill; overseers friends William Collins of Pirbright & Robert Watts of Frimley 1s; witnessed by John Brewster, Frimley Minister. * Joseph Stonehill (the son) buried at Frimley 2 January 1644; * Joseph Stonehill (the father) buried at Frimley 21 December 1647; * John Stonehill (the son) buried at Frimley 10 April 1648.
THAYRE, John Ash Husbandman1561 will – sick; to be buried in Ash churchyard; to son Robert my best coat; to daughters Joan a heifer & Elizabeth 2 ewes; residue to wife Joan; administration to Christopher Richell, notary public for executor. * John Thayre buried in Ash Churchyard 21 May 1561.
THAYRE, Richard Ash Husbandman1576 will – to be buried in Ash churchyard; wife Ellen all goods she brought with her, a cow, heifer, 5 ewes & 4 lambs; son Richard my best cow, son William a brass pot; residue to daughters Christiana and Joan Thayre (also execs); overseers Anthony Cowper & William Thayre 3s/4d each; administration to Anthony Cowper, proxy for executors. * Richard Thayre buried in Ash Churchyard 6 December 1576.
TYLE, John Ash Gentleman1607 Will – listed properties in Worplesdon (with a house new built), Egham & Windsor; named children John, William, Anne & Marjorie, plus wife Anne; overseer father-in-law Mr. Staverton of Yateley.  The Tyle Family of Windsor is documented; will was not witnessed so it was ‘annexed’ until legal process unfolded & not given probate until 1610;
VYNE, Henry Lord of the Manor of Poyle1557 will – to be buried in the church of Ash near the grave of my mother Ann Vyne; named wife Joan, sons William & Henry, daughter Elizabeth, granddaughters Mary & Jane Smyth (daughters of William Smythe Esq.) * No burial record exists as 1557 was during the gap of entries in the reign of Mary I; memorial plaque for Ann Vyne in the church.
WACKFORD, George Ash Husbandman1614 will – sick; noncup; to be buried in Ash Churchyard; to curate William Smith 3s/4d; to Thomas Cobbett, Parish Clerk, 3s/4d; to poor of Ash 8s; bread & drink at funeral 13s/4d; brothers Francis & Thomas clothes; mother Joan Stevens 10s for a winding sheet to bury me in; residue to son William Wackford; wife Elizabeth Wackford to ‘have no part in bringing up son nor to meddle in goods left with overseers’; overseers Mr. Nicholas Stevens (with whom I lived) to bring up son William who gets inheritance at 21 & Henry Ede; witnessed by Thomas Jewer, Agnes Loveland, Cicely Shorter & Alice Woodridge. * George Wackford buried in Ash Churchyard 11 May 1614.
WARNER, George Sergeant at Arms, Cleygate Manor1550 will – George Warner, late serjeant-at-arms of Ash, Surrey – no details available.
WATTS, George Ash Potter1635 will/died in 1640 – sick to children George, Thomas & Jane each £5 at 21; 6d each to John Taylor, widow Chewter & John Nash; residue to wife Agnes; overseers & witnesses Richard Russell & Thomas Stephens (both of Ash) 1s. * George married Agnes Munger in 1626, son George born in 1628; * George Watts buried in Ash Churchyard 3 May 1640.
WATTS, George Frimley Yeoman1636 will – to be buried in Frimley chapel; to Winchester Cathedral 4d; to Frimley chapel 5s; to poor of Frimley 5s; son James my silver salt; to son George £1; to son Walter 2 silver spoons and 10s; to my daughter Jane £1; to servant Mary Bennett 6s/8d; to servant Robert Thayer 3s/4d; to John Thayer 10s of what he owes me; to Robert Watts of Southwood 2s/6d for gloves; residue to son Edward, also to be executor; overseers friends Mr. Feild Minister of Frimley, Robert Watts of Southwood & brother Arthur Watts (a pair of gloves each); witnessed by Robert Feild, Arthur Watts & Absalom Knight.  George Watts Jun. & Walter Watts buried at Frimley 1639; Jane Watts in 1640; Absalom Knight buried 1639; * George Watts was buried in Frimley Churchyard 8 August 1636.
WATTS, John Frimley Yeoman1634 will – sick & diseased; to be buried at Frimley chapel; to poor 6s/8d; to wife Anne close called Backside with meadow south of Bowling Green for life; daughter Alice £10 & goods plus meadow in Frimley called Rowe Mead; daughter Mary £8 & goods plus 3s to Robert, Alice, & Mary; son Robert ploughs, & other farm equipment & option to buy land left to daughters; overseers brother Thomas Watts & friend Richard Gates; witnessed by Robert Feild, Minister of Frimley, John & Joseph Stonehill.  Brother of George Watts, Frimley Yeoman above; * John Watts was buried in Frimley Churchyard 5 March 1634.
WEST, Thomas Ash Yeoman1623 will – feeble & full of pain; to be buried in Ash churchyard; wife Mercy to have 21 years of income from lease of property called Martin’s (Normandy) to bring up children & to pay son Thomas £4 p.a. at age 21 plus a yoke of oxen; son William to have Normandy house after wife’s death plus a 2 year old colt; daughters Joan & Dorothy to have £10 at marriage or age 21; sons Edward & Rowland £10 at 21; to Thomas Draper Sen. of Ash, a 2 year old red heifer bullock; residue to wife Mercy; overseers Nicholas Stevens & Richard Russell; witness Giles Harrison, Curate of Ash. * Thomas West buried in Ash Churchyard 26 August 1623.
WEXHAM, Robert Frimley Yeoman1655 will – to son John all my property (Nokes & Franklin’s Springs 42 acres) in Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire & furniture; to sister Joan Hall property in Stoke Poges for life & to her daughter Joan Hall £1/10s; to sister Elizabeth Warner a meadow called Balding’s Mead (2 acres) in Frimley for life; to daughter Elizabeth Hoane £15 in her hands already; residue to daughter Mary Watts including property in Frimley where I live & to be executrix; overseers Robert Watts of The Green and John Stile Jun. both of Frimley (2s/6d each).  Records show a Wexham family of Stoke Poges, Bucks in the 1600’s; * Robert Wexham was buried in Frimley Churchyard 2 February 1656.
WEXHAM, John Frimley Yeoman1658 will – weak; to be buried in Frimley churchyard; 5s to Frimley Church & 5s to Frimley poor; to wife Jane Wexham my property called Nokes (24 acres) in Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire (now leased) until daughters Honor & Jane reach age 21 & then to daughters’ heirs forever; to my wife a property called Franklin’s Springs (24 acres) in Stoke Poges until daughters Elizabeth & Anne reach age 21 & then to daughters’ heirs forever; to my wife a property in Frimley called Balding’s Meadow until daughter Anne reach age 21; residue to wife Jane & to be executrix, to bring up my children & to see my body buried; overseers brother-in-law John Cobbett of Bisley & William Cobbett of Frimley (2s/5d each); witnessed by Thomas Field, Ann Besborough, John & William Cobbett. * John Wexham was buried in Frimley Churchyard 9 April 1659.
WINTER, Thomas of Ash1596 will – to be buried in Ash Churchyard; unnamed amount to mother church of Winchester; bequests to 4 unnamed children & apprentice, Gilbert Turner; residue to wife Joan Winter; overseers John Turner, William Gosden, & Richard Aparke; witnessed by William & Cornelius Carpenter (of Farnborough). * Thomas Winter buried in Ash Churchyard 21 February 1596.
YOUNG, Joan Widow of Ash1580 will – sick; to be buried in Ash churchyard, to Ash church 1s, to Frimley poor 2s; to son William Young 2 steers, a featherbed and coverings, & to wife Joan Young a little kettle & to children Richard, John, William, Joan, & Jane Young a sheep each, with Joan & Jane sharing a coffer of linen; residue to son-in-law John Taylor; also named Robert Swain, John Thayre, Robert Wright, John, Joan & Mary Gonner, overseers William Thayre & Anthony Cowper (also witnesses); administration to Walter Horsell notary public for executor. * Joan Young buried in Ash Churchyard 20 June 1581.
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