Abraham Harding ~ Yeoman Farmer of Headley 1705

A Suggested Timeline ~ Abraham Harding had a cousin in Headley also called Abraham Harding so it’s not always easy to sort out who was who ~ hence “suggested timeline”

🔻26 Nov 1626: Abraham son of Abraham Harding baptized at Headley.

🔻Jan 1629: Abraham Harding Senior, Yeoman of Headley, died making a deathbed Will leaving his estate to his wife Mary “towards the bringing up of my children” Abraham and Robert.

🔻7 Apr 1656: Abraham Harding and Mary Caplin (both from Headley) married at Liss.

🔻1657 to 1677: baptism records from Headley of Abraham, Robert, Mary, Elizabeth, Jane (died), a 2nd Jane, and Charles ~ children of Abraham Harding. These children seem to have different mothers as Abraham’s first wife (Mary) died in 1660, Alice was the mother of Robert and she died in 1664, and then Abraham married another Mary who was the mother of the last 5 children and outlived Abraham.

🔻1694: Abraham published his Will at age 68, but lived on for another 11 years ~ Abraham requested that his property in Headley be sold to cover the cost of the legacies to his children which probably meant that his capital diminished due to his longevity; his descendants did not have Yeoman status and his youngest son, Charles Harding, was later described as a farm labourer.

🔻 25 Apr 1705: Abraham Harding was buried in a woolen shroud (to avoid the tax levied on linen shrouds) in Headley Churchyard – government regulation required the burial in woolen to be confirmed by an affidavit sworn by the person who attended the body to a Church minister from another parish; here we see that Joan Succott made the affidavit to Mr Jackson, Rector of Bramshott.

Will of Abraham Harding, Yeoman of Heathley (Headley) ~ written in 1694 ~ executed in 1705

  • Weak in body but in sound and perfect memory
  • Burial at discretion of executor 
  • Concerning such Temporal Estate as it hath pleased God to bestow upon me:
  • I will that my Debts owing be truly payed
  • I give unto my three sons Abraham, Robert, and Charles Harding 2s/6d a piece
  • I give unto my daughter Mary Bradshaw £10 of Good and Lawful money of England
  • I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Hole £100 of Good and Lawful money of England
  • I give unto my daughter Jane Harding £100 of Good and Lawful money of England
  • All of the said legacies shall be paid unto my three daughters within six months next after my decease
  • I give unto my loving wife Mary and my youngest son Charles Harding and their heirs and assigns forever, all that my Messuage or Tenement with the Outhouses, Edifices, buildings, Barns, Stables, Stands, and appurtenances and also Ten acres of Land by Estimate be it more or less there unto belonging … situate and lying in Heathley called or known by the name of Segnell alias Holholt (?) and now in the occupation of me, Abraham Harding to be sold for the payment of my Legacies above mentioned and for no other use, intent, or purpose whatsoever [‘Appurtenances’: rights and duties attached to the holding of manorial land]
  • Lastly, all the rest and residue of my Ready Money, goods, cattle, and Chattels whatsoever after my debts, legacies, and funeral expenses fully paid and discharged, I give unto my wife Mary Harding, whom I make my full and sole Executrix of this my Last Will and Testament, revoking all former Wills
  • In Witness whereof I the first above named Abraham Harding have hereunto set my hand and seal, 27 March 1694 and in the sixth year of the Reigns of our Sovereign Lord and Lady William and Mary
  • Abraham Harding his Marke (and seal)
  • Signed, sealed, published, acknowledged, and declared to be the Last Will and Testament of the first above named Abraham Harding in the presence of us: Henry Cleare, Roger King, Richard Suggall (his mark)
  • 9 May 1705 ~ administration granted to widow of the deceased, Mary Harding (in Latin)
Daughters Mary Bradshaw, Elizabeth Hole, and Jane Harding

“An Inventorie of all the goods and Chattels of Abraham Harding late of Heathley in the County of Southton, deceased, taken and appraised 2 May 1705 as followeth Viz:”

  • Purse and apparell ~ £7/10s
  • 3 Feather beds, bedsteads, and bedding ~ £7
  • 5 pairs of sheets and other linen ~ £5
  • 2 chests, 2 boxes, a trunk, and a press ~ £5
  • 2 tables, 2 joiner-made stools, a form, and 3 chairs ~ £2/10s
  • 2 bedsteads, one flock bed, and bedding ~ 15 shillings
  • Brass and pewter ~ £2/16s
  • 2 iron pots, 3 spits, a jack, and the rest of the iron goods ~ £2/10s
  • 3 yards of wood ~ £1/10s
  • A table, a form, and 4 chairs ~ 7s/6d
  • 7 barrels, 4 stands ~ £1
  • The brewing vessel and all the wooden goods ~ £3
  • 4 and 1/2 flitches of bacon ~ £3/10
  • 11 beasts and 3 calves ~ £22
  • 6 horses and colts ~ £12
  • 32 sheep and lambs ~ £6/10s
  • 8 bushels of malt ~ £1
  • 8 bushels of oats ~ 8 shillings
  • 6 bushels of barley ~ 9 shillings
  • 8 bushels of French wheat ~ 12 shillings
  • 3 quarters of rye ~ £2/10s
  • 10 acres of hard corn ~ £4/14s
  • 9 acres of oats ~ £4
  • 2 acres and 3 quarters of barley ~ £1/13s
  • 2 dung carts, 2 ploughs, 5 harrows ~ £3
  • Harnesses and halters ~ £1/10s
  • Tun of hay ~ £1/10s
  • Old iron, ropes, and sacks ~ 15 shillings
  • 3 hogs ~ £1/16s
  • Poultry ~ 4 shillings
  • Prongs and old lumber ~ £1
  • £5 due for rent
  • 👉🏻Total: £109/12s/6d
William Lee and Richard Suggatt appraised Abraham’s worth

Abraham Harding’s Farm in Headley Parish ~ name is not easy to read ‘Segnell als (alias) Holholt’?

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